April 24
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Isaac Moradi
University of Maryland, ESSIC

April 25
AOSC Brown Bag Seminar by Dr. Virgini Buchard
Using OMI Aerosol Index and Aerosol Absorption Optical Depth to evaluate MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis.

May 1
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Alan Robock
Rutgers University, Department of Environmental Sciences
"Nuclear Famine: The Treat to Humanity From Nuclear Weapons"

May 8
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Tim Canty
University of Mayland, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
"AOSC Student Research Symposium"

July 14-28
Special Topics in Meteorology; Wind Waves
University of Mayland, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
"An introduction to the physical processes associated with the generation, propagation and dissipation of ocean waves and the tools used to study them. The emphasis will be on the stochastic representation of the waves, focusing on the wave energy density spectrum."
Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. The Department, part of the Earth Sciences Program that includes the collocated Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and climate earth sciences.

The department's research strengths are reinforced by strong collaborations leading to joint research topics with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland Departments of the Environment and of National Resources, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction of the National Weather Service, the NOAA Satellite and Air Research Laboratories, all of which are located near the campus.

James Carton, Professor and Chairman

Faculty Spotlight
Syd Levitus Receives the American Meteorological Society 2014 Verner E. Suomi Award
AOSC/ESSIC graduate and undergraduate students at the AMS annual banquet surrounding AOSC's Syd Levitus.

Posted on March 19, 2014
AOSC researchers sited in the Guardian
An article discussing the paper HANDY, written by Safa Motesharrei, Jorge Rivas and Eugenia Kalnay on societal collapses and the impact of both inequality and excessive depletion of Nature, was written and published by Nafeez Ahmed in the Guardian. The paper is coming out in the Journal of Ecological Economics on April 1.

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