The forecast will be for the period Dec 11 through Dec 13 (Thursday thru Saturday)..This exercise will be graded as a normal laboratory exercise. For grading purposes each student will prepare a written report of the steps that they made and the sources of information they used in the preparation of each forecast. The report can be electronic, and should be illustrated with maps etc. that you get from the web sites you visit. Please note, the grade will be made on the quality of the report, not on the accuracy of the forecast.

The forecast will be for the following parameters :-

(1) Maximum and minimum temperatures for each day.

(2) Wind speed and direction at noon.

(3) Total precipitation over 24 hours for each day.

The forecast will be made for two locations:-

(1) Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

(2) John F. Kennedy (NY) International Airport

The forecast should be submitted to your TA no later than 5.00 pm on Wednesday Dec 10, either by E-mail or via their mailbox in room CSS 3424. Much of the information you need can be found at our forecasting website