4. SCHEDULE for 1999

NOAA R/V Ronald Brown

(last updated February 2, 1999)

	PMEL "Aerosol Charaterization" cruise
	Depart Charleston, SC for Cape Town	14 Jan 1999 	  
 	(Chief Scientist Tim Bates)
	Arrive Cape Town			8-Feb
	Cape Town to Mauritius             	11-Feb to 20-Feb
	(Chief scientists T. Carsey & R. Dickerson)
	Mauritius to Male, Maldives      	22-Feb to 28-Feb  
	In Port, Male				1-Mar to 3-Mar
	Male to EEZ of India 
	along W coast India
	then S to Mauritius
	(no stop)
	and return Male.              	        4-Mar to 23-Mar
	In Port, Male				23-Mar to 26 Mar
	ITCZ crossings and
	return to Male				26-Mar to 2-Apr

	JASMINE					7 April to 11 May
	(Chief Sci.Chris Fairall )
	 In port, Darwin
	ARM					18-May to 21-June
	(Chief Sci. M. J. Post)
 	TRMM					28-June to 21-Aug
	(Chief Sci. M. Post)