INDOEX Ship 1999

3. Planned Participants & Measurements for the 1999 Cruise of the

NOAA R/V Ronald Brown

Last updated January 19, 1999

Not in order of priority

Observations Instrument Investigator/Institution

Trace Gases NO, NOx, NOy Chemiluminescence Carsey,AOML/Dickerson,UMD O3 UV Absorption Carsey,AOML/Dickerson,UMD CO IR Absorption Dickerson/UMD SO2 Pulsed Fluor. Dickerson/UMD UV actinic flux UV radiometers Fischer/MPI O3 Sondes Kley/KFA H2CO, H2O2, NO2, CO TDL Fischer/MPI j(NO2) Actinometer Dickerson/UMD ROx Chem Amp. Burrows/Bremen O3, Rn, DMS in situ Bates/PMEL Column O3 PREDE & Microtpos Sun Photometers Flatau/UCSD Column O3 Microtops Thompson/GSFC Dickerson/UMD Column O3/H2O Sun Photometer Meywerk/SIO SO2,NH3 HPLC, UV fluorescence Rodhe/Stockholm FIA/DS/UV fluorescence NMHC Cannisters/GC Brenninkmeijer/MPI Aerosols Particle S/N Dist DMPS & APS Bates/PMEL CCN CCN counter Gras/CSIRO;Bates/PMEL Aerosol scat. Nephelometers & Quinn/PMEL backscattering, absorption PSAP Size Seg aerosol Impactors PMEL (major ions, mineral dust, total mass) Aerosol Opt. Depth Sun Photometers Quinn/PMEL Size Seg aerosol Impactors Dickerson/UMD;Carsey/AOML (major ions, Br-) Size dist & hydroscop. TDMPS/HTDMA Wiedensohler/Heintzenberg Leipzig Size Seg aerosol (OG/EC) Impactors Wiedensohler/Heintzenberg Aerosol comp streaker Annegarn/UWIT Aerosol Opt. Depth Sun Photometers Dickerson/UMD AOD, H2O PREDE Sun Photometer Flatau/UCSD Size Seg. Aerosol Impactors Rodhe/Stockholm Aerosol scatt/abs Nephelometer & Meywerk/SIO Abs. photometer Org C Single Particle (MS Prather/UCR Aerosols in MBL Atmos elect prop's Drift mobility Kamra/IITM, Pune Meteorology Surface Met in situ NOAA Standard Upper air met. sondes NOAA Standard (2/day) Upper air met. Profiler NOAA Standard (Post) Upper air met. Profiler NCAR;Raman/NCSU Boundary Layer Sodar Raman/NCSU Precp/cloud props Doppler-Radar Yuter/UWA Met. Profiles Rawinsondes Dickerson/C4,UMD (supplementary) Images Whole sky camera Flatau/UCSD Cloud properties (Microtops) Aerosol b'scatter Micro-Pulse LIDARs (2) Flatau/UCSD Precip. Chem. Ion Chromato. Rodhe/Stockholm ICP-MS Images Cloud camera Meywerk/SIO Radiation Solar UV/VIS/NIR FTIR, radiometers Flatau/SIO Pyranometers Solar UV-NIR ASD FieldSpec UV/VNIR Meywerk/SIO Solar direct/diff Shadow band radiom. Flatau/SIO Ocean (Forbidden to operate in EEZ near India) Radiation Radiometers CTD Probes Flatau/UCSD** water leaving radiance SIMBAD Frouin/UCSD DMS (aq) Stripping Bates/PMEL CO2 (air/water) IR Absorption Chlorophyll,O2 in situ Wannikhof/AOML , , , , , , , ,, , , , , , ,

Head Count by groups.

Inst., Lead PI No. Participants Support ---------------------------------------------------------- UMD, Dickerson 3 yes NOAA/AOML, Carsey 1 yes NOAA/PMEL, Bates 4 yes UCSD, Flatau 5 yes KFA, Kley 2 yes MPI, Fischer 3 yes Bremen, Burrows 2 yes Leipzig, Heintzenberg 2 yes Stockholm, Rodhe 2 yes NCSU, Raman 2 yes NOAA, Gray 1 yes NOAA/AOML, Wannikhof 1 yes UCR, Prather 2 yes (leg2+) UMD, Capone 1 yes (leg3) Kamra,IITM 1 yes TV crews 4 Berths Available 34* -------------------------------------------------------- *NOAA will have a medical officer on board. **Requires stopping the ship. See also Scientific Crew.