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Autumn  2003 Schedule

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    September 12
    Dr. Dale Allen
    University of Maryland
    Evaluation of CO sources during TRACE-P using model-calculated, aircraft-based and MOPITT-derived CO concentrations
    September 19
    Hurricane Isabel

    September 26
    Dr. Jerry Ziemke
    University of Maryland Baltimore County GEST
    Recent studies of tropospheric ozone from TOMS and photochemical models
    October 3

    October 10
    Dr. David Lary
    Chemical Data Assimilation
    October 17

    October 24
    No Talk

    October 31
    Mr. Charles Piety
    University of Maryland
    2003 O3 season/Aircraft obs of pollutants during the blackout
    November 7
    No talk

    November 14
    Mr. Bryan Bloomer
    US-EPA and UMD
    " Photochemical Smog and Aerosol Pollution over the Eastern United States" or "A proposed investigation of the interaction of atmospheric photochemistry and aerosols"
    November 21
    Dr. Kenneth Pickering
    University of Maryland
    What do observations and models tell us about lightning NOx?
    November 28

    December 5
    Dr. John Ondov
    Dept. of Chemistry University of Maryland
    A new pseudo-deterministic multivariate receptor model for accurate individual source apportionment using highly time-resolved measurements of ambient concentrations
    December 12
    No Talk

    December 19
    Dr. Michael Zachariah
    UMD-Dept. of Mech Eng and Chem
    Tools for experimental and computational characterization of nanoaerosol reactivity

    Unless otherwise noted in date line, all seminars are held in RM. 3425 (the Meteorology Conference Room on the third floor in the new wing of the Computer & Space Sci. Bldg.) at 12:00 p.m. 
    Please park in Stadium Parking, also known as Parking Garage 3 (PG-3, two blocks west of the building). You cannot park in any numbered or lettered lots. Parking tickets incurred in these lots cannot be voided.
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