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Atmospheric Chemistry Brown Bag Talks

Spring  2004 Schedule

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    January 16
    Dr. Jeff Stehr
    University of Maryland
    How's the Air up There: Mid-Atlantic Air Quality
    January 23
    No Talk

    January 30

    February 6

    February 13
    Mr. Guido van der Werf
    Global fires and interannual variability of atmospheric CO2 and CH4
    February 20
    No talk

    February 27
    Mr. Marcos Andrade
    University of Maryland
    Meteorological Regimes and Ozone Trends: The Southern Hemisphere
    March 5
    No talk

    March 12
    Dr. Melody Avery
    An Overview of Results from TRACE - P (A cool experiment over the western Pacific) and Photothermal Ammonia Detection
    March 19
    No Talk

    March 26
    Spring Break

    April 2
    Dr. Ronald Siefert
    Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
    Agricultural and urban sources of ammonia in the MidAtlantic region
    April 9
    Dr. Eric Kasischke
    University of Maryland Dept. of Geography
    Temporal influences of boreal fire emissions on Northern Hemisphere carbon monoxide
    April 16 1:00 PM (note time change!!)
    Dr. Robert Mason
    Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
    Atmospheric oxidation of elemental mercury and its importance in the global mercury cycle
    April 23
    Dr. Steven Smith
    Joint Global Change Research Institute (University of Maryland & Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    Future Emissions Scenarios: What's in There and Where Do They Come From?
    April 30
    Dr. Kihong Park
    Atmospheric Aerosol Composition as a Function of Hygroscopicity, Volatility and Density
    May 7
    Dr. Neetu Saraf
    Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India
    Role of Natural and Anthropogenic Activities over the Indian Tropospheric/ Stratospheric Atmosphere
    May 14
    Mr. Brett Taubman
    University of Maryland
    VAriability in Space and Time of Particle Origins and Optical Properties, an Episodic Retrospective (VAST POOPER)
    May 21
    Dr. Menglin Jin
    Visiting Scientist, Climate and Radiation Branch, NASA-GSFC
    Impact of diurnal, seasonal, and interannual urban aerosol variations on clouds and rainfall
    May 28 (CSSB 2400)
    Dr. Anne Thompson
    Summer Air Quality Research at NASA - Connections to UMCP
    June 4 (CSSB 2400)
    Dr. Zhanqing Li
    University of Maryland
    Remote sensing of fire attributes for emission modeling
    June 18
    Dr. Jason West
    U.S. EPA OAR
    Ozone modeling in Mexico City and assessment of emissions and of the sensitivity to changes in VOC and NOx emissions

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    Unless otherwise noted in date line, all seminars are held in RM. 3425 (the Meteorology Conference Room on the third floor in the new wing of the Computer & Space Sci. Bldg.) at 12:00 p.m. 
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